20 Weird Laws from the United States of America

Land of the free, home of the brave … and owner of some of the most bizarre laws you’ve ever heard of. The various states have very specific laws about hygiene, animals and guns, and there’s no doubt that they’re quite useful, or were at some time during the country’s history. True, many of the laws hark back to the good old days and no-one has been bothered to change them, which is great for us because if they don’t shock you, they will bring a smile to your face, so they’re great for entertainment value if not for legal value. And remember, there probably wasn’t a law made if someone hadn’t tried these crazy things to start with, so spare a thought for the trailblazers of ridiculous behaviour!

Criminal Rights

In Michigan, if a burglar is injured while robbing your home, he’s entitled to sue you. So you’d better double your insurance!

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