20 Touching Photos That Perfectly Capture Emotion

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘a picture is worth a thousand words,’ and the truth is that among the millions of selfies taken every day, there are a few gems that are extremely touching. Expressing far more than words, these photographs make us deeply sympathize, feel real emotion and move us in unique ways, not achievable by other media. Even though there are probably thousands upon thousands of photos that can make you cry or smile within seconds, we’ve tried to gather the 20 touching photos that manage to capture true emotions in a single frame.

Achieving The Impossible

Taken in 1987 this amazing photograph shows Zbigniew Religa and his assistant sleeping in the corner after the struggle they’ve had in completing the first 23-hour heart surgery, which also was the first successful one in history. His face is extremely inspirational, expressing how tiring some struggles are, especially when we try to achieve what others deem impossible.

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