20 Early Signs That You’re Turning 30

According to most people, turning 30 is one of the most significant things you will do in your life. Firmly planted in adulthood, you are expected to have your entire life together and be well on the road to creating the next generation – if not already in the midst of it. Turning 30 is something that you will only do once and because of that, you have to make it good.

For some people, though, the big 3-0 is not something that occurs on just one day. Towards the end of their 20s, they notice a real shift in their behavior, as if their bodies were somehow preparing for the big change. If you’re turning 30 any time soon, take a closer look at your life. If you do any of these things regularly, it could be a sign that the next major milestone is closer than you think.

Your Facebook Feed Is Made Up Of Baby Photos

Every time you check social media, you come face to face with the offspring of your friends. You used to hate the fact that everything you saw was peppered with baby photos but now, you find it kind of sweet.

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