20 Of The Most Shocking Cakes Ever Made

People love cake and there are many reasons to have a cake made, or to make one yourself. You have cake for dessert. You have cake at weddings. You have birthday cakes, graduation cakes, and even retirement cakes. Sometimes your cake is a magnificent creation that you just don’t want to eat, and sometimes you get one that you are simply afraid to eat. Here are some of the most shocking cakes ever baked. Some are shocking in a good way, such as they are the most amazing cake you’ve ever seen and you just can’t believe someone was able to create it. And, some are just plain shocking — you may wonder why they even made that monstrosity in the first place.

Most Disgusting Cake

This cake should definitely win an award for grossest. Maybe this is a good way to teach children that piercings only belong in your ears?

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