20 Of The Most Difficult Celebrities To Work With

Working in the film industry for some can be the ultimate dream. Not only would you be showcasing your talents, you would also be working among some of the most popular actors, directors and producers around the world! That doesn’t mean there aren’t those few employees that have been known for their highly exaggerated self-entitlement attitude. From celebrities who feel they have more sonority than others to those that have grown way too big of an ego. We have the top 20 celebrities who are way too difficult to work with.

Gene Hackman

Gene Hackman is an actor that struck fear into the hearts of his fellow cast. It was revealed during a 10th anniversary Q&A of The Royal Tenenbaums that Gene Hackman was horrible to the cast and was frightening to approach. Various actors from within the film recollected on how Gene would call the screenwriter, Noah Baumbach, an expletive and would blow up over little things with director Wes Anderson. The entire cast has had such a problem with Gene Hackman that at the time of the 10th anniversary Q&A no one had heard or seen the actor since.

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