20 Of The Creepiest Hotels You Can Spend The Night In

When we travel the world, we stumble across things that we would never have even dreamed of seeing in our home towns, which reveal things to us that we never even thought existed. In most cases, traveling abroad spells only good things for our lives and minds, but what should we do when things take a turn for the sinister?

The world over, there are a number of dangers lurking for us in spaces that should make us feel at home. Haunted hotels might not seem like a very real threat but when you’re alone at night and hear something go bump in the dark, they feel a lot more creepy. These hotels are so notorious for hauntings and ghosts that they have taken on something of a cult status and now, only the bravest of travelers choose to sleep in their rooms.

Karosta Prison Hotel, Latvia

Whilst its name might not be the most enticing to most travelers, there are a number of people who willingly stay in the Karosta Prison hotel in Latvia. As its title might suggest, the hotel was formerly a Nazi and Soviet prison and as a result, has a long and dark history. Amongst other things, the hotel is said to host the ghosts of thousands of prisoners, who have no trouble letting their presence be felt.

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