20 Most Haunted Places Around The Globe

Each country, city, or community has a ghost story to tell. Even the most civilized non-believers can often point to a haunted place nearby and oddly enough, they never go out of style. While these terror stories are part of history, what’s printed in books only reveal half of the horror.Through personal accounts of those who managed to escape, artifacts and other forms of documentation, these stories are often a bit more chilling.If you’re into the creepy and mysterious, this top 20 list is for you.Read at your own risk!

The Eastern State Penitentiary

Built in 1829, prisoners in this institution were kept in solitary confinement. This drove some prisoners insane and most of them died either of natural causes or suicide. Minor ghost sightings started in 1940 but became intense when the prison was abandoned in 1971. Reports of shadowy figures, strange sounds heard from cell blocks, and violent noises spread.

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