20 Completely Insane Things You Can Buy On Amazon

Over the past decade, online shopping has grown massively thanks to its ease of use and the practicality of not having to leave your house to buy goods. Another important draw is the fact that online shops can offer a far greater variety of products thanks to lower overheads and the lack of need to have any shelf space for a particular item. This means that online stores often stock a wider range of goods than traditional shops.

Without a doubt, the biggest retailer on the internet is Amazon. It has gone from a small commercial website selling books to a giant retail force that sells clothing, food, entertainment products and services such as Amazon Instant Video. Its huge popularity and large customer base also means it stocks some bizarre items that you probably never even realized you could buy.

Stop Eating Poop!

Stop Eating Poop! is a food supplement for dogs that is otherwise known by its less hilarious name of S.E.P. It has been designed to help prevent dogs from eating their own feces by putting Glutamic Acid into their digestive system. It also claims to be able to make the odor from dog stools less unpleasant.

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