19 Hilarious And Embarrassing Photoshop Fails

Everyone probably has a thing or two that they’d like to change. No one, of course, is born perfect, and we should do the best we can with what we have. The following people’s insecurities, though, got to them, and they rushed into Photoshop to cover things up on the surface. The unfortunate problem with the following photos is that the people didn’t pay enough attention to detail; they left tell-tale signs that reveal each photo was altered. And in doing so, they inadvertently highlighted the insecurities they wished to hide.

Gravitational Pull

During the early 2000’s, having unruly hair and big breasts was a trend. Well, this girl had the hair but was lacking in another department. Nothing a little Photoshop couldn’t help! But she went overboard: she created such large breasts for herself that they caused a gravitational pull. Reality seems to be bending around them.

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