15 Breathtaking Pictures Taken From Dizzying Heights

While many of us may be afraid of heights, there are a select group of people that seek out the highest and most dangerous activities. While these thrill-seekers try to find the tallest mountains, the narrowest hiking trail or the highest tightropes, we’re sitting comfortably at home. This list contains fifteen images which include daredevils seeking refuge on the side of a mountain, walking a thin rope over 800 meters above the ground and hanging off the ledge of a skyscraper unassisted.

Walking 800 Metres Above Ground

This breathtaking picture of BrayBrayan Mosby walking the tightrope near Rio de Janeiro. While we get to look at this sitting comfortably in our seats, Mosby walked across this tightrope at close to 850 metres above the ground.

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