13 Insane Food Challenges That Are Out Of This World

We all have our differences but if there are two things people can agree on it’s got to be food and sports! When you mix those two you open up a whole window of crazy: Food Challenges.These competitive eating challenges have been around for a long time, but the popular show Man Vs. Food brought them into everyone’s household.The show since has ended its run and some of the restaurants have closed their doors, but the legacy of food challenges live on.Do you think you could eat the hottest chicken wing in the world? How about the largest Stromboli? This list compiles 13 of the craziest food challenges in the United States. Hopefully, you’re stomach is empty because by the time you finish reading this, you’re going to be craving some grub.

Kitchen Sink Challenge

Get a load of this monstrosity! This massive sundae from The San Francisco Creamery Co. is made up of three bananas, eight scoops of ice cream, nuts, eight toppings, and whipped cream.If you’re able to eat it within an hour you get free ice cream for a year.

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