12 Things Only People Terrified Of Flying Will Understand

Statistics will vary from year to year and country to country, but it’s generally quoted that 1 in 3 people to have a fear of flying or feel some sort of anxiety leading up to and during a flight. For some, it might just be a bit of irritation for having to wait too long or missing connections, some might feel a pang of panic during the bumpy parts, and then for others it’s blinding fear! Many of those with a fear of flying will suffer in silence, not all of them scream and grip seats, so you’ll never really know how many people on your flight are having a hard time. Spare a thought for the truly terrified, this list will show you exactly what they’re going through on every single flight. “There are only two emotions on an aircraft: boredom and terror” – Orson Welles.

The Night Before

The panic doesn’t start when you get on the plane or even when arriving at the airport – it usually starts days and weeks before. It’s like seeing doom heading your way and every time you think about the upcoming flight, your stomach drops just a little bit more. And forget about sleeping the night before the flight, that’s just not going to happen! The pangs in your stomach and the heart palpitations will keep you up and, in the rare instances where you might fall asleep, the dreams about crashing planes won’t keep you asleep for long!

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