20 Struggles Of Not Having A Cat

These days, it’s all we can do to not buy a cat. With the explosion of the furry felines over the internet, rarely a day passes in which we aren’t inundated with cute photos of a variety of moggies. And while many of us can rest smug in the ownership of our very own cat, there are even more of us who are simply left to pine for one. In today’s currency, cats are gold and not having one can feel like the worst thing in the world. Cat lovers without cats face these struggles everyday and if you’re lucky enough to own a feline, you will take a moment to pity their fate.

Being Forbidden By Your Landlord To Have A Cat

When you don’t own your own property, the prospects of owning a pet reduce massively. For many cat lovers out there, the restrictions of their homes means that they are forbidden every day from bringing a little ball of fluff home. Let’s take a minute to mourn their fate.

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