10 Shocking Records That Are Likely To Never Be Broken

Pregnancy is a joyous occasion that should be celebrated by anyone lucky enough to be blessed by it. But just because it’s a happy time, doesn’t mean that troubles don’t follow it as well. While it might be slightly unpleasant for the mother-to-be to get hugely rotund, it gives the rest of us the chance to admire their strength and laugh at how painfully cute they look when they waddle around. Like humans, all animals have their own little oddities and quirks when it comes to pregnancy, but one thing we all have in common is how adorably fat we all get.


Much like humans, orangutans carry their babies for about 9 months. Unlike humans, the young breastfeed for about 5 years and then leave their mother at 10 years old – must be nice not to have to worry about saving up for college tuition.

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