15 Creative Alarm Clocks You’d Love To Wake Up To

Getting out of bed each morning is probably the worst part of your day — even if you are a ‘morning’ person. Being jolted from an amazing dream or getting up from your huge comfy bed just doesn’t seem fair. But hey we all have to get up and go to work, get the kids ready for school and make sure that everyone gets to their destinations on time. To keep us on track we often opt for a boring alarm clock that annoyingly reminds us that it’s time to get up. But, what if our alarm clocks were more fun, more challenging, more unique, would that help? Check out these amazing options and decide for yourself!

No Snooze Alarm Clock

This little gizmo requires that you rotate the attached strap for 90 seconds at 2 rotations per second in order to stop the alarm. Failure to do so means restarting the entire process — now that will surely wake you up!

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