20 Animals And Sea Creatures With Amazing Abilities

The world certainly has a strange assortment of life. Many animals often possess remarkable abilities that evolution has honed over centuries. Some of these creatures live on land, and many live in the various oceans. These abilities are jaw-dropping, and some of them should make us a bit jealous. The following list comprises a handful of such creatures, so read on to see just how amazing evolution can be. From creatures that can regenerate their own brains, to others that fire bubble-like bullets, this list provides numerous examples of Mother Nature’s finest creations.

Mantis Shrimp

This bright, neon shrimp actually has two super powers. They have 16 color-receptor sites in their eyes, allowing them to see all colors including ultraviolet. Humans, in comparison, only have three (red, green, blue). Its second ability is that it can snap its claws at about 30-50 mph, with accelerations of (102,000 m/s^2).

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