10 Creepy Curses You Might Encounter On Vacation

Vacations are supposed to be the time for having fun and relaxation. The only bad thing about it really is the depression that hits you when you realize you get only one vacation a year. The rest, really, is all cocktails and sun and looking at the world through rose-tinted glasses. But some vacations can also turn out to be spooky and frankly quite creepy, especially if you pick a destination that is known for its haunted places. Some destinations will even send something extra home with you as they actually come with a curse. Check out the ten creepiest curses you might encounter on vacation.

Koh Hingham, Thailand

The beaches of the little island of Koh Hingham are absolutely gorgeous and are littered with black and white rocks. However, the legend has it that the rocks should under no circumstances be taken back with you when leaving the island as the stones and beaches are protected by an ancient curse cast by the god Tarutao ofKoh Hingham. If you take a stone back, you are doomed forever and bad luck will follow you until you die.

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