20 Greatest U.S. Presidents Of All Time

Which Presidents are the considered the greatest? While this question is obviously up for debate, historians have wanted to know the answer since the American Republic was founded. So, the American Political Science Association created a systematic ranking approach to solve this riddle. A total of 162 members of this group were polled and asked to rate all past U.S. Presidents for their effectiveness as legislators and their foresight as leaders. Here are the the results of their poll: the Top 20 Greatest Presidents in U.S. History.

William H. Taft

Despite the rumor that President Taft got stuck in the White House bathtub, it cannot be said that number 20 on our list got stuck in an ineffective Presidency. William H. Taft clearly understood government, business, and diplomacy better than many other presidents. In particular, he used his talents to initiate much needed antitrust acts. That, coupled with his strong international policies, have the makings of an extremely strong President.

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