10 Amazing DC Comics Superhero Selfie Illustrations

Social networks have brought about the popular trend, the ‘Selfie’. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are each partly responsible for this global self portrait phenomenon stretching across everyone’s news feed and profiles. Take a second and delve into your own imagination. What if superheroes joined these social networks? I’m pretty sure they would end up taking part in the worldwide pursuit for the perfect selfie. Even if they do have arguably the most difficult and time consuming job on the planet. Plenty of us average Joe schmoes take selfies while on the job, driving and during plenty of our daily activities. Afterall, isn’t that the essence of the ‘Selfie’, a self portrait at the perfect moment and just the right time. I traversed the web and dug up ten epic superhero selfies that can be considered for the ‘Selfie’ superhero heavyweight championship.


‘Wait Let me take a selfie’. Superman makes a few samaritans wait before returning the rescued kitten to its owner. Cute selfie Clark, but a little too girly for the ‘Man Of Steel’, don’t you think? Definitely not championship material, just give the kitten back to the kid and try again. Maybe next time you can take one during an alien invasion or something.

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